About Me

Welcome to My World,

I’m a Child Who Dreamed and Wanted to Fly to the Sky and Universe and travel towards the Infinite. I just ended up being a Finite Being here.

From my Childhood days i Always got attracted to Styling than other things like Beauty or Being Smart, and When i Grew up the thoughts and Attraction towards Styling got bigger and bigger and at certain point during my Higher Schooling i wanted to make a decision on My Life ambition then i just got to know that there is a field called Modelling where i can Show up my Own styling and Yes, I decided to go for it.

I started going for Shoots locally in my small City with My friends and brother and exposed myself.

At One point i felt that Styling is something Natural which is inside me and i wanted to make use of it and travel with it towards the infinite and Time has come i decided to move on to the Big city to make a move professionally in Modelling and also to do Engineering Degree as a Side but the More interest towards Modelling and Lack of interest towards studies made me to discontinue my college Studies and to do something big in Modelling.

And My Life has Paused…

I Always wanted to Create my Own Style than Copying from Others. So, I Create all my Styling under the Tag “ KR Styles “
Which means (K – Kavi | R – Raj) Styles.

I Like to Show to your Eyes than to your Ears.

Thanks for the Love.

Love from,
Kavi Raj